10 Best Things to Do in DUBAI – You Should Not Miss Any:

Dubai – these are all great things in the world – just a corner bigger, the largest mall, a ski hill in the desert, the largest artificial islands and more. Many sights combine with a lot of luxurious hotels, a sun protection, and many shopping possibilities – Dubai offers a lot. Veena Tours has mentioned here all the famous destinations of Dubai which are the things that you should do in Dubai. We have also written the prices for each attraction so you can plan accordingly.

1. Do not miss to visit the world’s tallest skyscraper – Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world, named after the ruler of Abu Dhabi and President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This was announced by the ruler of the Arab Emirate, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, at the opening ceremony in Dubai.
When visiting Dubai, the view of the city from the world’s tallest building is a unique experience. Burj Khalifa will inspire you – not only with its incomparable luxury but also with its impressive and stimulating nature.
It is 828 meters high nearly 830 meters to the highest point and rises above all other unusual buildings of Dubai. From its vantage point, you can see kilometers and admire the cosmopolitan city of Dubai in its entire size. Plan a visit to Burj Khalifa and take home this memorable memory.

2. Don’t miss to see stunning Dubai Fountain:

Dubai Fountain is so beautiful which guaranteed to give you Goosebumps, is especially worth mentioning 6,600 lights and 25 color projectors support the water fountains in this wonderful drama. Worldwide, there is only one other similar water system, located in Las Vegas.
Veena Dubai also recommends watching at least one performance of the daily breathtaking and beautiful water games by Dubai Fountain. The most important thing, of course, is to know when the fountain is active.

3. Don’t miss shopping from one of the largest malls of the world – Dubai Mall:

The main entrance to the Burj Khalifa leads through one of the largest and undoubtedly luxurious shopping centers in the world, the Dubai Mall. This complex, which is endlessly endless, is subdivided into different zones, each of which pursues a specific architectural theme. For example, one of the zones is modeled on a traditional Arabian bazaar – but of course, with every conceivable modern convenience, such as full air-conditioning. In addition to shopping malls and boutiques, the Dubai Mall also offers a wealth of specialty restaurants from all over the world. In addition, an ice skating ring, a multiplex cinema with the latest Hollywood strip, the excellent Dubai Aquarium and many other exiting things are housed in this gigantic complex.

4. Do not miss to visit Dubai Museum:

The relatively small, but excellently cured Dubai Museum is housed within the deceptive walls of the Al-Fahidi Fort, built in 1787, which guarded the mouth of Dubai Creek. The fort also served as a residence of the ruling family, the administrative center and the prison. Renovated in 1995, the complex is interesting in its architecture. In its courtyard are original old house exhibited. The interior is devoted to collections of oriental music instruments, weapons and everyday objects from the life of the Bedouin and pearl fishermen of the region.

5. Visit one of the World’s most luxurious Hotels – Burj al-Arab:

Like a mirage, the Burj al-Arab “Arabian Tower” on its own island, seized by land from the sea, meets the sky above Dubai. Welcome to the highest hotel in the world – and with room rates of several thousand US dollars per night also at the same time one of the most expensive.
But even if the travel budget does not provide for such a cost item, it can still at least a little be indulged in the lavish luxury. How about dinner under water? The hotel has own Al-Mahara restaurant is actually built under the mirror of the Persian Gulf, and through the panorama windows you will be observed when dishing curious fish and other marine animals – or the other way round. The striking silhouette of the Burj al-Arab with its vaulted center symbolizes, by the way, the bloated sail of an Arabian dhow.

6. Do not miss to visit Dubai Creek

Many visitors get the illusion that the Dubai Creek would be a wide river. In fact, it is a waterslide of the Persian Gulf, which extends far into the interior of the country and is increasingly rejuvenating. It has been used as a natural port since ancient times, where the traditional Arabian sailing ships known as “Dhow” still find shelter even in rough seas or storms. The boat traffic on the water is as busy as ever. Very enjoyable is a ride with one of the many river axes that take the creek up and down and take passengers on both sides of the river. The old city districts of Dubai on the north bank and the new city districts with their skyscrapers on the south bank can be easily passed by. Interesting is a visit to the traditional Dhow, which is located on the north bank, where the relatively small wooden boats are still hand-gathered to this day.

7. Do not miss to hang out in the Mall of the Emirates and Ski Dubai:

Another commercial center in Dubai is the Mall of the Emirates, which is not much lagging behind in its luxurious facilities and size of the Dubai Mall. The determining element of the complex is its enormous steeled dome roof, which spans the full length of the central wing. For real astonishment, however, a visit to the complex “Ski Dubai”, a facility that is just as spectacular as surreal. One cannot believe his eyes: under roof and with the help of gigantic cooling units held at a constant temperature of -4 degrees Celsius, a alpine ski slope was reconstructed here – completely with ski lift, ski slope and toboggan run.

8. Do not miss to visit beautiful Jumeirah Mosque:

Veena Dubai also recommended Jumeirah Mosque. Dubai has numerous mosques, the most attractive of which, however, is undoubtedly the stunning Jumeirah Mosque. It is an exact copy of the famous Al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt’s capital, Cairo, but with the decisive difference that it was about eight times larger than the historical model. Although designed in the style of the medieval Fatimide caliphate, it is also several centuries younger than the original in Cairo, since its construction was only begun in 1976. This, of course, does not detract from their elegant beauty and it is said that the Jumeirah Mosque would be the most frequently photographed monument in the whole of Dubai. Particularly impressive is their sight but after nightfall, when the entire facade is bathed in radiant light.

9. Don’t miss to see artificially created island – The Palm:

The Palm is an artificially created island off the coast of Dubai, also referred to as Palm Island or Palm Jumeirah. From the ground only a few distant corners a little to recognize, you can see the palm tree at the landing on Dubai. To the palm, you can either take the taxi or the Monorail railway of the city. On the island, there are several villas and bungalows and many different zones. So it is modeled after Venice, then again the Brazilian rainforest, there is really much to see there. The island is 560 hectares in size and has been built since 2001. There is still a second island group, which is in the form of a palm tree, but only the land production has been completed. A visit to the palm is definitely worth it.

10. Don’t miss to be in between the most numbers of Sky Scrapers – Dubai Marina:

Dubai Marina is also included in Dubai Tour Packages. The Dubai Marina district is about 25 kilometers from the center and offers a fantastic backdrop between all the huge high-rise buildings and the luxurious yachts that have been laid out on site. It is constantly being built here so that the marina is surrounded by almost 200 skyscrapers. The marina is also surrounded by many restaurants offering food from many different nations. Furthermore, there are several cafes and a large shopping mall. And for any query for call on +91 7905991636 or Email us info@veenatours.com

If the marina is impressive during the day, wait until nightfall. Then many of the high-rise buildings are illuminated and there is a wonderful light-show. This is a great photo shoot and a perfect place to enjoy the evening in the city.

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